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1.   How do I know whether to sign up for the $179 pre-registered "track day" or the $279 pre-registered "instructional school?" What's the difference between the two?

2Fast Track Days & Instruction is not your average track day proprietor. In reality, we're an instructional school - not just a track day company. Most track day companies offer riders the ability to venture out onto the track, but provide little to no instruction for those riders. We do the opposite: we give riders lots of instruction, and the track happens to be our classroom.

For those who are less experienced, have never been on a track, have never had instruction, and/or want to learn performance-oriented motorcycle riding skills, we strongly encourage you to take our $279 instructional course.  For a complete breakdown of our classroom curriculum, click here.  Students of our $279 instructional course will receive the same amount of regulated, safety-minded on-track time as all other track day participants (20 minutes of each hour); however, during the 40 minutes of time in between sessions, we spend time with our instructional school students in a classroom environment. Underneath a 20' x 30' tent with chairs to sit in, we hold classroom sessions for 40 minutes of each hour - complete with drawings and chalkboard presentations - for all of our students who paid the $279. By the end of the day, instructional course students have received comprehensive academic instruction on how to ride their motorcycles more safely, more intelligently, more smoothly, and with greater confidence.

Even for those of you who have been riding for years, have been to multiple trackdays, and consider yourselves experienced, fast riders - you'll be amazed by what 2Fast and our instructors can teach you. Take our course and find out just how much you don't know. Seriously. Think you're fast? Our instructors would be happy to show you just how slow you are and where you can improve! 

For those who do not feel they would benefit from our instructional course teachings, the option exists to simply participate in our trackdays without the additional in-classroom benefits of the above $279 performance school offering. The participants who choose this option pay only $179 if they pre-register, but do not benefit from our in-classroom teachings between on-track sessions.  Students who pay the $279 will each have an identification decal on their bikes and helmets so that instructors and staff can designate students from non-students; therefore, 2Fast registrants who think they can get the same benefits of instruction while paying only the $179 non-student price tag should think twice. Not so.

2.  How will you know who the students are that paid $279 vs. those who only paid $179? Can't I just pay $179 and go to the class sessions too?

Our students paying $279 will each receive special decals to place on their bikes. This will designate who is a student and who is not. No decals? No classroom time. The seats underneath our classroom tent are reserved only for paid registrants of our school.

3.  If I pay only $179 and go to your track day, what can I expect? What am I getting for $179?

Non-student participants of our trackdays get the opportunity to ride in one (yes, only one) of our twenty minute sessions each hour. No one will be allowed to ride in an additional session: you must pick one and only one. The first 20 minute session begins at 9am, and the last session occurs just before the track close at 4pm. While a non-student will not benefit from our 40 minute in-classroom teachings between sessions, they will still find themselves on the track with expert riders (2Fast marshals and instructors) who are happy to assist them with their questions.

Additionally, 2Fast will make sure that you and the riders within your session are riding safely, within your means, within the rules of both the track we're riding on and the policies of 2Fast, and that all passes made during the sessions are made per the passing rules of that particular session. No exceptions: safety is our highest priority, and we are not flexible about this. Additionally, we will ensure that faster riders are not intermixed with slower riders, and vice versa. A beginner level rider will not find themselves on the track with racers going by them at lightning speeds. Conversely, racers in our Level 300 sessions will find themselves free of slower riders and people getting in their way. Finally, track day non-students will be pleased with our attention to details, our strict adherence to punctuality and timeliness, and our efforts to make sure everyone gets maximum track time without sacrificing rider safety... that is, your safety as well as the safety of others who are riding with you.

4.  How many riders will there be in each 20 minute session?

2Fast attempts to limit each of its 3 twenty minute sessions (Relaxed Level 100, Intermediate 200,and Expert Level 300) to approximately 35 guests. In fact, after 35 people have registered and paid for participation in a particular level - we close down that session to any further registrations. For those who have ridden track day events, you will likely agree with us that 35 people on the track is a comfortable amount of riders to have on a 2.3 mile circuit like Pacific Raceways. While instructors and on-course marshals add to the amount of riders on the track during each session (meaning that there will be more than 35 riders on the track in each session), we look at their participation in the sessions as a positive, not a detraction. The opportunity to ride with these individuals should be seen as a benefit to guests, rather than viewing them as unwanted traffic or congestion.

5.  How many students do you normally have in your class at each event?

We typically average around 30 students at our schools.

6.  How many instructors are there for the students to work with?

We try to have roughly 10 individual instructors on hand at each event, each instructor working with students only. If you do the math on 30 students spread amongst 10 different instructors, that's a ratio of approximately 3 students per instructor... which is excellent. Other schools have instructor ratios as high as 10 students to 1 instructor.

If you're signing up for our performance school, plan on receiving plenty of hands on instruction. We'll make sure you get plenty of attention...

7.  Is 2Fast a race-oriented school? Do I need to be considered a fast and experienced rider in order to participate?

No, we’re a competence school for the average rider who wants to improve his/her skills – most of whom have no interests in racing. Unlike race schools across the country, our goal is not to teach riders how to shave a second or two off of their lap times: instead, we teach riders of all kinds how to ride smoother, smarter, safer, and ultimately faster. The skills learned in our class sessions are practiced in the controlled environment of a race track, though our schools have little to do with racing.

8.  Are 2Fast Track Days & Schools only for sportbike riders?

No way!  We encourage riders (men and women both) of all experience levels on almost any kind of a bike to consider our schools and track days. Whether you are on a Harley, Goldwing, a dual sport, a sport bike, race bike, or touring bike... we welcome you to our events. If you have concerns about whether or not your bike can be put on the track, simply contact us.

9.  I’ve always wanted to check out a track day, but I’ve never done one.  How do I know that my experience will be a positive one?

2Fast aims to make every school and track day an enjoyable, unintimidating experience for every participant. Whether you are a first time track day rider or a person with lots of track time under your belt, we want each rider to walk away from one of our events thinking “wow, 2Fast does a first class job. I had a great time, the people were professional, timely, organized, and friendly… and I learned a ton. The money I spent to participate in the school (or track day) was worth it.”

Additionally, 2Fast will do everything we can to minimize the dangers inherent in a track day event and school where high speeds are present.

10.  Am I going to be doing any racing or competing on a 2Fast track day or school?

No. There is no competition of any kind during our track days and schools. All riders and participants are asked to ride at their own pace. No one will be asked to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing. Each rider will be able to participate at their own comfort levels without pressure to go faster than they would like.

11.  How do I know I won’t experience a crash or an accident while on the track riding?

Riding motorcycles is risky. Period. If you don’t know this, then we’d suggest you stay off of motorcycles. Whether you are on the public streets or on the track, there is a certain amount of risk that simply comes with motorcycling the minute you get on a bike and turn the key. While 2Fast cannot guarantee your absolute safety during one of our schools or track days, we will do everything we can to minimize the risks of an accident or injury.

If you haven’t read about our session rules already, visit the “About Us” page to learn more about our enforced rules during track days. For instance, in our Level 100 Relaxed session, we do not allow passing in corners. Instead, we allow passing only on straightaways (different passing rules apply to the Intermediate Level 200 and Expert Level 300 sessions).  Additionally, we will not allow faster riders to participate in beginner level sessions.

12.  How do I know if my bike is OK to bring to the track? Is there a bike inspection I need to go through?

If your bike is dripping oil on the garage floor, and the tires haven’t seen a public road in 4 years, then we’d suggest you borrow your friend’s bike for the day or head to the local dealer for a new ride. A bike in this condition won’t get an “OK” from one of our inspectors, and yes – we will have bike inspections at our track days for the sake of safety.

On the other hand, if you have a bike with tires that are still in good shape (showing 75% or better tread life), the bike is clean, runs smoothly, and appears suitable for several hours time on a track with other riders and their bikes, then it’s highly likely your machine will qualify for a 2Fast event. Call us if you have questions.

13  What do I need to do to my bike in preparation for a 2Fast track day?

Make sure your bike runs well, is reasonably clean, and free of oil leaks. Check your tires for tread wear and condition (75% tread life remaining or better). Tape over the glass/plastic on your lights and signals as well as mirrors. Either disable or tape over your rear brake light completely; we don't want to be able to see it working on the track as it can be distracting.  Be sure your throttle returns to a closed position when turned and then released.  Any bikes with throttles that do not return quickly or are are sticky will not be allowed on the track.  Also check your tire pressures, your brakes, and be sure to have a full tank of gas in the bike along with a full gas can or two to use during the day. Check oil levels, brake levers and pads, throttle cables and operation, etc.   No safety wiring or coolant change required! 

14.  Must I tape my lights and turn signals? Mirrors?

Yes. We require (as with all track days and schools) that your front headlight, tail light, and mirrors be taped up along with your turn signals. This limits the possibility of glass and/or plastic being spread over the course should you have an accident.

15.  What do you recommend I bring with me to a 2Fast school or track day?

Fuel, air pressure gauge, toolbox, protective gear (cowhide leather one-piece suit strongly encouraged), helmet, gloves, boots, water, your lunch, snacks, duct tape, and anything else you care to bring along. Attitudes and egos you can leave at home. 

16.  What if it rains?  Should I still come out?

2Fast schools and track days operate rain or shine, and we don't mind if it rains one bit.  You shouldn't mind either, if learning how to ride better is your goal.  Students and track day riders who have ridden with us on rain days tell us the same thing time and time again: that they learned so much more than they thought they would!  Why?  Rain teaches smoothness: riders tend to slow down and focus more on their technique and fundamentals than speed.  Trust us: if it rains, a wet track will definitely help you improve your riding!

17. Gear Requirements:  Do I need to wear leathers? One piece or two-piece?

We require a one or two piece suit with protective armor only; while we highly recommend such suits be leather, we do not require that only leather suits be worn. Non-leather suits such as Joe Rocket or Aerostitch brand suits are acceptable. Additionally, 2Fast prefers that your 2-piece suit, no matter what it is made of, zips the pant and jacket together; however, we do not require that the pant and jacket zip together.  Jeans or non-motorcycle wear are not allowed.  To be very clear, your gear must have protective armor in the arms, shoulder, hips, knees, etc and must be DOT approved motorcycle riding gear.

We also require a DOT approved motorcycle helmet in good condition, leather boots that are over the ankle and leather riding gloves.

Riders participate at their own risk, and the choice of what they choose to wear or not wear is their own. No matter what you choose to wear, and whether it zips or doesn't, let it be known that 2Fast is a proponent of wearing the safest and most protective gear available. For this reason, we believe that every rider on the track and on public streets should be wearing leather protective gear, and if the protective wear is a 2-piece suit, then it should zip together.

18.  I ride a sportbike with sportbike tires. What are pressures do you recommend for the track?

For riders using a performance/sport/track day tire, we suggest around 31-33psi in the front, and roughly 30-32psi in the rear. We would suggest a pound or two more in the front tire. We recognize that some tires, manufacturers, and tire experts suggest different pressures than these; this is what 2Fast commonly uses in the tires of their bikes.

19.  Will I be required to sign a waiver of release in order to participate in a 2Fast track day event or instructional school?

Yes.  No exceptions. To view a copy of our liability waiver and release, please email us.

20.  Will you stop the track day sessions or instructional school for a lunch break?

No. The reason is simple: people have told us they want track time, not lunch time. While some believe that we’re making a mistake not braking for lunch, we know of just as many guests who love the fact that we DON’T stop for lunch – and keep the track sessions running.   Bottom Line: You're paying for track time and instruction and we want to make sure you get it.  Everyone has an opportunity to eat and drink between sessions: thus, we believe that our guests deserve as much track time as possible, and breaks for lunch or snacks can take place in between sessions.

21.  Do you serve food at your events?

Yes, we serve complimentary "World Famous" 2Fast Hot Dogs, complete with bun & condiments along with bottled water for all of our paying guests.  You are also welcome to bring you own food and drink if you would prefer to.

22.  Will there be fuel available at the track for purchase at your events?

Yes, usually. Pacific Raceways has self serve race fuel available, and the pumps are supposed to be open... but sometimes they aren't. 

The only form of payment accepted at the pumps is by credit card, so be sure to bring your plastic. No cash will be accepted for fuel purchases.

23.  Will there be tires available for sale at the track, and/or a tire changing service?

Yes. Tires and tire changing service is available through one or several of our track day vendors. Rick Salmon of SB Motorsports, for instance, is in attendance at each of our events offering all brands of tires for sale - as well as many parts and accessories.

24.  Will you have a photographer at your events so that action shots can be purchased?

Yes. We have Brandon Bones from Studio819 taking shots of all guests in multiple corners throughout the day.  You can purchase photos trackside and he will also post all of the photos on his website for your viewing & purchasing pleasure.  Brandon takes some amazing shots and shoots with a top of the line digital camera and telephoto lens. 

25.  I need to have one of your 2Fast baseball-style caps I see others wearing. I also want a T-shirt. Will you have these items available at the track?

Yes!  See the folks in registration...

26.  How many people are on staff at 2Fast? I want to know that I am working with a professional organization, and that the people who are running the 2Fast track day and school are going to provide me with a positive track day experience.

2Fast has over 35 people on staff. All of our instructors (15, course marshals and corners workers (20) have been carefully screened for their talent, ability to communicate well with our guests, and take their jobs seriously. Our administrative team (5) also want to make sure that your experience is a positive one. Corner workers and course marshals are well trained and prepared, our instructors each have a natural desire to serve the needs of our students, and we believe that Team 2Fast makes up the finest track day organization in the NW, possibly the best in the USA.

27.  Will you have leather rentals available?

Unfortunately, we do not have leather rentals available at this time.

28.  What is your refund policy?

You may cancel for any reason – and get a full refund – five (5) full days prior to the event. Not four days or three days… five full days in advance of the event date. This means that if you’re calling to cancel prior to a Wednesday event date, you must contact us by 8am on the Friday prior to the event.

To cancel and request a refund from 2Fast, please contact Mark DeGross by email at mark@2-fast.org or contact him by phone at (425) 241-6119.






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