With a franchise quarterback in Ryan Tannehill,Jimmy Graham Jersey, an impact defensive player in Ndamukong Suh and a slew of talented players looking to make a name for themselves,Luke Kuechly Jersey, all the Dolphins need is to believe in Gase and execute.Nelson Agholor Jersey. Similar to the New York Jets a year ago when they got a new head coach in Todd Bowles,Mike Evans Jersey, the culture change gives immediate results and puts a team heading in the right direction.Lamar Miller Jersey. Not many expected the Jets to be a 10-6 team at the end of last season,Bryce Petty Jersey, but Bowles kept his team in check throughout all the obstacles and distractions that come for playing in the city that never sleeps.Ryan Tannehill Jersey. Gase could have a very similar effect considering his team has as much talent if not more than what the Jets had in 2015.Donte Moncrief Jersey. Gase has brought in several key NFL figures to help his team know what it takes to achieve success.Teddy Bridgewater Jersey. From Peyton Manning tutoring Tannehill to Wes Welker working with his wide receiving corps,Mark Sanchez Jersey, Gase wants to prove that he's not afraid to seek help from legends to show his players the right way of handling things. With high optimism and a good roster in front of him, Gase has a golden opportunity to make the Dolphins into a surprise contender heading into the regular season. In the AFC East, it would be a tall task to try and go after the reigning division champion New England Patriots but at the end of the day, the Dolphins should at the very least make a run for a Wild Card spot.